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Legend Cookhouse Traditional Breakfast

Legend Cookhouse Traditional Breakfast

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  • Guyana Breakfast Platter

    Fried potato, saltfish with tomatoes, peppers & onion, W.I. friend eggs

  • Legend Breakfast Platter (your choice of oil roti or bake)

    Dhal. Bigan Choka, Fried Potato, saltfish with tomato, peppers, onion, W.I. eggs

  • Traditional Breakfast Platter

    Pancakes, eggs, sausages, bacon, home fries.

    • $12

Create Your Own Breakfast

Choose from the following to create your favorite breakfast.

  1. Classic Guyana style Pumpkin
  2. Authentic Bigan Choka with roasted tomatoes, peppers and onions
  3. Pulled Saltfish sauteed in tomatoes, peppers and onions
  4. Slowly Cooked Bora with sliced potatoes
  5. Fry Spinach (Baji), Fry Ochro
  6. Stew or Curry Snapper
  7. Chicken Curry or Stew Chicken
  8. Curry Chicken Liver & Gizzard
  9. Curry Goat, Curry Shrimp
  10. Guyana Style Fry Potato (aloo)
  11. Eggs, Boil Eggs
  12. Dhal, Fry Fish, ROti, Bake, Rice
  13. Sausage, Bacon, Home Fries

Choice of Two – $10   Choice of Three – $15   Each additional choice – $3.50


  • Create Your Own